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‘ The idea of establishing a company like Status London has been for several years in our minds. Due to the lack of accessibility to  legal services of the highest quality  that simple citizens, merchants, small businesses, NGOs, or startups were faced with, we decided to set up our London-based company that  managed to gain the trust of hundreds of Greek, Arabs, and UK clients. What really satisfies us is the fact that with our company they can feel safe and develop their activities.


Andreas Annopoulos- Nikolas Xiros

Mr. Andreas Annopoulos is the Managing Director of the firm. He is a member of the Athens Bar Association (AM:17324), as well as a member of the UK RFL-SRA (ID: 665134).

He completed two Masters Degrees in the UK at the Universities of Leicester and Reading. His specialism is international relations (Geneva) and he is a qualified DPO (Data Protection Officer). He has been responsible for the administration of public services and several firms. He has been teaching UK common law  to interested students since 1998.

Mr. Nikolas Xiros is the Director of the firm and an experienced legal consultant. He completed his LLB at the University of Middlesex and his LLM at City University of London. Moreover, he has attended legal master programmes at King’s College, University of Law and Harvard University. His specialism is intellectual property and personal data protection in new technologies.

STATUS LONDON has offices both in London and Athens. We speak Greek and English and we are at your disposal all the time -24/7!

The procedure we follow in order to respond quickly at your matters is the following:

1. Firstly, you should send us an email (using the following address: and describe in detail your matter by clarifying what kind of support you need from our team. It should be noted that you should always be careful not to reveal third party’s personal data and details. At the same time, our firm does not ask from anyone to reveal his personal details in case they do not want to (Personal Data Protection).

2. One of our legal experts, after thorough examination of your matter, will reply usually within 24 hours to give you the appropriate advice about your case.

3. If needed, we will contact you via telephone or arrange an in-person meeting.

4. Most of your matters could be dealt with online and in this way you can save both money and time.

5. Please read our website for the possibility to arrange a free of charge meeting and use one of our innovative and advantageous subscriptions.

Please visit the website with our services and learn more.

You can contact us via email at: