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Why us

IMPORTANT! Please read the following passage carefully:


As a firm, our major concern has always been the lack of accessibility to legal services of the highest quality that many citizens, small businesses as well as big organizations, face every day. It is well known that appointments with legal advisors in London, lasting one hour or less, are often accompanied with excessive fees, acting as a barrier to the vast majority of people. At the same time, access is also hindered by the high payments required for the provision of most legal services. As a result, the majority of private individuals either avoid from the outset to approach one of the major law firms in order to get the support they need, or resort to legal services of questionable quality. Consequently, while the economy could grow more and more in this fast-paced environment, we can notice an economic stagnation. This is particularly striking in the UK, considering the fact that the country’s economy is based on individual, family, or small businesses and startups. We decided to deal with this situation by introducing two innovative ways of providing legal services:


The first one is the arrangement of personal appointment free of charge, and the other, the offer of special subscriptions for natural persons and small businesses or organizations.


Status London provides both primary and secondary legal care. Primary care includes personal meeting and conversation with respect to the matter in question, as well as legal research and provision of information to the client. Secondary care includes the legal representation, legal protection and provision of clear legal advice in the form of specific reports. Our aim is to attract clients ranging from private individuals, students, professionals, self-employed individuals, merchants, family businesses or very small businesses, NGOs (Social Enterprises), to small Start Ups. Our clients ( in particular those that are legal persons) , should have annual gross revenue of max £1,2 million.


1. Online request and online provision of legal services with fees (for those who are not interested in free of charge appointments or one of our subscriptions as described below).


2. Personal appointment with fees (for those with matters of urgency that cannot schedule a free of charge appointment or use one of our subscriptions).


3. Anyone can contact us via email at and request a personal appointment FREE OF CHARGE (approximately 30 minutes long).


4. Having researched carefully our clients’ (individuals and very small businesses) needs, we introduce 4 subscription programs. 2 for PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS (silver and gold) and 2 for very small businesses (silver and gold). Any legal persons interested in our services should have an annual gross revenue of max £1,2 million. Every subscription lasts for 6 months (please see the table attached below with detailed information about our charges).


1. Lawful action


2. Direct, unhindered access – continuous legal support and protection.


3. Preventative measures against legal issues or serious complications for either personal or business matters.


4. Timely scheduling of your actions.


5. Avoidance of unpleasant surprises from malicious or recalcitrant third parties.


6. Complete assurance of your personal or business interests.


7. Accurate and robust evaluation of commercial opportunities.


8. Avoidance of fines, penalties and damages


9. Creation and preservation of a quality professional image.


10. Direct personal contact with us- simple and facilitative procedure.


1. We want to offer accessible and open access to legal services of the highest quality for all.


2. We believe that it’s better to take preventative measures than having to deal with unexpected circumstances at a later stage.


3. We want to gain the trust of private individuals, students, employees, family businesses, professionals, small businesses, small organizations and upcoming startups.


4. Accordingly, we want to attract clients that do not leave everything for the last minute, are ambitious and show the necessary professionalism. We expect our clients to respect the services that we offer and to strive to protect their interests in the right way in order to develop their business activities.