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Our company is Status London Services Ltd and is based in London. It’s registered at the Companies House with Registrar number 07297548. Moreover, it is regulated by SRA with record 667396 (Company/ our company).



Any person that transacts with us (the client) should be at least 18 years old, and have complete legal capacity.



Our company follows carefully the legislation for the protection of personal data. We do not reveal to any third parties our clients’ data without their consent, only to our partners with the ultimate purpose to deal with their cases.



Our company has the legal right to renounce from a particular case, sorting out any outstanding financial matters that exist at the relevant period with the particular client.



Our company abides completely by the guidance and regulations of Solicitors Regulation Authority and of Law Society (England & Wales) and acts only within its legal rights. In case you need further elaboration on this, you could contact our company or the abovementioned organizations.



If the client has breached the terms of our cooperation, our company does not have the duty to offer services.



By the time our client requests for a service or subscription, it is assumed that he has read and accepted the terms and conditions.



In the event that the client has completed a payment in part, or has completed some payment to our company, and he has not contacted with the company for a period of time considerable for the outcome of his case, our company does not have a duty to return him any payments or to offer services.



If our client has completed a payment in part or any other payment in our company and the company has accordingly provided services, the company does not have a duty to return to the client any sum for payment or end of subscription.



A client that is not satisfied with the services he received could initiate a complaints procedure as specifically described in our website. If the client or a third party publicly reports negative comments or takes action against our company by devaluing the company’s personality, the company could take steps against them by law.



The subscriptions described above are strictly personal and concern a natural or legal person, the one that has the legal right to claim the appropriate services (which is the client), irrespective of who completed the payment. The company for any problem with respect to the subscription or services, will contact the client.



The cost of a subscription could be payable up front (reimbursed) by a person (legal or natural) and for the benefit of a third party as a gift. The company provides the legal proof of payment to the payer. The person for the benefit of whom a subscription has been agreed is considered to consent to accept the services provided by one subscription and consequently it is the duty of the payer to ensure that the cost reflects this consent.



The company retains the legal right to accept the manifestation of an intention to purchase a subscription or the payment for the renewal of a subscription, following the completion of one of the subscription programs.



No subscription is automatically renewed. The interested client should express such intention. The company retains its legal right to notify via legal means (email/ fax or publicly through the website but without revealing names) the client, in order to remind him of the expiry date of a subscription and the possibility of renewal.



The cost of our services and subscriptions could be made available only in our websites or in other relevant websites with which we cooperate. The company chooses how to make available to the public the services, potential discounts that may be applicable, their costs etc. The company is bound only by its own announcements or/and uploads.



Any document that contains the company’s logo or/and additional characteristics such as the name etc., should include the handwritten (personal) signature of the Managing Director, unless if he has delegated this power to another person/ employee in the company, to publish a document that does not require his signature. Otherwise, the document is invalid and the Managing Director or the company should not be held liable.



The company retains the legal right to modify the existing or additional terms of cooperation in order to protect their interests. However, in any case, the already agreed transactions based on the previous terms are not impinged upon. For example, if the company changes the cost of a subscription, this is relevant only to the clients that would like to purchase this particular subscription from the moment of the announcement of the new price and after.



The company needs approximately 15-30 days in order to organize the smooth running of its subscription and to create a complete report for the client. This is considered a necessary and reasonable timeframe for proper management. This means that each subscription starts to be valid 30 days after the day that the amount payable has been collected. The client is not disadvantaged in any case. As a result, a subscription expires 7 months after the day of the collection of its cost. The company has the legal right to offer free of charge extra time in a subscription in order to promote their services or for any other reason.



The company does its utmost in order to serve in the best possible way their clients.



The client that has chosen a program of subscription for a private individual, does not have the legal right to request a provision of any of our services concerning a legal person that that subscriber is related to its management.




The client that has chosen a program of subscription for a legal person, can submit a request for a service of a private citizen. In particular, the legal representative of the legal person who is a subscriber, has the legal right to ask the services that are prescribed and announced for that legal person.



No subscription is considered to offer the possibility of services for the representation of a client before an authority, court or legal person or in negotiations, only in the event that the subscription refers to discount with respect to the charges of the company. Free of charge services of each subscription program are reported in detail in our website.



Terms and conditions that are not expressly mentioned in the Terms & Conditions section but ensue either from the law or are referred somewhere else in our website are valid.



The company’s charges do not include any costs for fees before authorities or courts. Where included, it is expressly mentioned in our website.



Our client’s legal rights with respect to the protection of their personal data, as prescribed by law, are protected in the most efficient way, and the client always retains the right to ask from the company for anything contemplated by the law. The company has a duty to apply the law.



As clearly reported in other sections, the client that has asked for any service or subscription from the company, is considered to have read and accepted the existing Terms & Conditions. The company is always willing to accept from clients their propositions and proposals and based on these, initiate amendments for its functioning and services, in the event that it is considered necessary for the better customer service.



The company has complete awareness of the fact that the provision of legal services requires a high sense of responsibility since it is related to the protection of interests and the preservation or/and the enhancement of the standard of living of its clients.