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Privacy Notice





This Privacy Notice (“Notice”) describes howStatus London collects and uses your Personal Data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other applicable data protection and privacy laws. Itinforms you on the types of Personal DataStatus London collects,the reasons for doing so, how we use it and what protections are in placeso as to make sure it is keptsecure.


Key Terms


“Status London”, “we”, “us” and “our” mean Status London Services Limited (Company no 07297548)


“You” means individuals whose Personal Data we process including, but not limited to Status London clients,our client personnel, counter-parties, counter-party personnel, other advisors or lawyers, witnesses,witness personell, suppliers, supplier personnel, potential job applicants and individuals to whom we market. “You” does not mean Status Personell.


“Website” means


“StatusPersonnel” means Status London’sprospective, present and past directors, employees, consultants and agency staff, and people connected to such persons.


“Personal Data”or “Data” mean information about individuals (including you), and from which such individuals could be identified.



Data Controller


Status London isthe Data Controller in relation to your Personal Data andis committed to protecting the privacy rights of individuals, including your rights. Status Londonis not required under the GDPR to appoint a Data Protection Officer and does not consider it appropriate to do so. You shlould not hesitate to contact us at info@status-london.comfor any further information or questions relating to this Notice.



Collection of Data.


We mayeither obtain your Data from you directly including throughour Websiteor from a third-party source.The third-party source can mean, and is not limited to, our clients and/or their personnel, agents and advisors, other law firms or advisors which represent you, thebusiness entity which employs you, other natural or legal persons with whom you have dealings, government agenciesand organisations, information or service providersand publicly available records.




Types of the Personal Data collected.


We collect and use different types of Personal Data about you, depending on the circumstances. The following non exhaustive list provides a number of examples:


  • Contact Details: name, address, telephone, and e-mail addresses;
  • Data about you: name, address, date of birth, marital status, nationality, race, gender, job title, work life and restrictions or some further personal details on you and your daily life;
  • Transaction data: bank account details, HMRC numbers and references;
  • Identification Data: singatures and electronic signatures, photographs and video, national ID card, passport and/or driving license details;
  • Usage Data relating toour Website: IP address, traffic and location and other communication information.



Reasons why we collect your Data.


We need to collect and use your Data to provideour services to our clients and which may involve the use of your Data in the following (non-exhaustive) ways:


  • to contact you if you are involved,in any way and capacity, in a matter we are undertaking for a client;
  • to analyse the conduct of your employer or othernatural and/or legal persons with whom you have dealings;
  • to review, draft and disclose correspondence and other documents (court documents included);
  • to carry out risk assessment;
  • to carry out clientdue diligence;
  • to instruct third-parties on behalf of our clients; and
  • to analyze information,to formulate legal opinions and provide advice.


We may also process your Data for business management purposes which may include, and is not limited to the following:


  • to engage and contact suppliers;
  • to advertise and market our services;
  • to measure our performance and improve the quality of our services;
  • for regulatory and legislative compliance and forpreventing crimimal activity.



Data you provide to us.


If you provide information to us about any person other that you, you must ensure that have the right to do so and that we may immediately process that information according to this Notice.



The legal basis for processing your Data.


Under the GDPR,we must identify a lawful basis for processing your Personal Data which may vary according to the type of Personal Data processed and the individual to whom it relates.



Performance of a contract with you.


We have the right toprocess the Personal Datawe needin order to fulfilour obligations under our contract with you. This will be the relevant legal basis if you are an individual client orother natural or legal person with a direct contractual relationship with us.



Legitimate interests of Status Londonor a third-party.


Status Londonprocesses some of your Data on the basis that it is in its legitimate interests and/or the legitimate interests of a third-party to do so. This will primarily concern the processing of Data that is necessary to provide our services to our clients. Status London’slegitimate business interest in such instances is the proper performance of its function as an authorised and regulated provider of legal services.


Status London’sclients also have a legitimate interest in obtaining legal advice and services of a professionally reasonable qualitative standard. This interest isone provided by law.


The interests above may include, but are not limited, to:


  • the interest in contacting individuals relevant to our work and our clients’ matters;
  • the interest in reviewing documents and correspondence that have been disclosed to us,our clients and third-parties which may contain your Data;
  • the interest in reviewing and analysing all evidence available to Status Londonand its clients, which may contain your Data;
  • the interest in disclosing documents and correspondence, which may contain your Data, to various parties in the furtherance ofour clients’ objectives;
  • the interest in instructing third-parties on behalf ofour clients;
  • the secure management and storage of your Data, within ourdigital as well ashard-copy filing environment.


Status Londonmay also process your Data on the basis that it is necessary for its legitimate business interests in the effective management and running of Status Londonwhich may include, but is not limited to: engaging suppliers and supplier personnel; ensuring the smooth running of all of its systems; for marketing purposes; for compliance purposes; for insurance purposes; for recruitment purposes;for auditing purposes; and for transactional pursposes.






Compliance withour legal obligations:


In certain circumstances, Status Londonmust process your Data in order to comply with its legal obligations. This might include, but is not limited to, Data required: for tax and accounting purposes; for conflict checking purposes as required by the common law and our regulators; and for Status Londonto fulfil its compliance and other obligations under relevant legislation/regulation.


More information relating to legal bases for processing Personal Data can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website (see details below) or by contacting us at




Data processing and our legitimate interests.


Status London does not consider that the processing of your Personal Data is unjustified or unecessary because of any prejude against your rights or interests, while it is within our legitimate interests.



Special category, criminal records Data and your consent.


If Status London processesyour criminal records Personal Data or special category Personal Data relating to your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious and philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health data, biometric data or sexual orientation, we will obtain your explicit consent to those activities unless this is not required by law or the information is required to protect your health in an emergency.


In caseswe are processing Personal Data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time by letting us know at



Direct Marketing communications.


We may use your contact details to send you marketing materials, providedthat it is lawfulto do so. You always have the right to unsubscribe from any marketing. You can do so by informing us on this at



Other persons receiving yourData.


We may disclose your Personal Data to third-parties (outside of Status London) if, but only when, we have a legal basis to do. Such recipients include but are not limited to: otherlawyers and/or legal professionals whom we instruct on your behalf;  our bankand accountants;our IT providers and other suppliers; HMRC; the Solicitors Regulation Authority; the Law Society; the Home Office; the other side or other parties on any matter.


Protection of your Data.[1] 


We have security arrangements in place to guard against unauthorised access, improper use, alteration, destruction or accidental loss of your Data. We take appropriate measures and have rules and procedures in place to ensure that any Data we hold is not accessed by anyunauthorised party. Weutilize an information security policy about the security standards used to protect your Data.


When we use third-party organisations to process your Data on our behalf, they must also have appropriate security arrangements, must comply with our contractual requirements and instructions and must ensure compliance with the GDPR and any other relevant data protection legislation.


Data transferred to “Third Countries”.


In accordance with this Notice and the GDPR, we may transfer your Data to organisations located in “Third Countries” (thosebeing countries outside of the European Economic Area). In addition to the securitymeasures mentioned above in relation to our engagement of third-party organisations, where such transfers are required we will ensure that your Data is adequately protected, for example, by using a contract for the transfer which contains specific data protection provisions that have been adopted by the European Commission or a relevant data protection authority. You can request a copy of such contracts by contacting us at


How long we will retain your Data.


It is our policy to retain your Data for the length of time required for the specific purposes for which it is processed byus and which are set out in this Notice. However, we may be obliged to keepit for a longer period where required,for instance, by our legal and regulatory obligations or in order to ensure we have effective back-up systems.


We will ensure that your Data will continue to be treated in accordance with this Notice, restrict access to any archived Data and ensure that all Data is held securely and kept confidential.


Your rights.


The GDPR grantsindividuals a right to access their Data, to object to the processing of their Data, to rectify, to restrict,to portit and erase it.


We havea process to accommodate any Subject Access Requests (“SARs”) that you mightbe entitled to make.A SAR is a request made by you which requires us to provide you with details of your Personal Data which we hold and process as well asa description of how we process it. Any questions orSAR’s should besent in writing at



Potential limitation of such rights.


There are exceptions to the rights of individuals in relation to their Data and, particularly when we are processingit for the purpose of providingprofessional legal advice, your rights may be limited.In any case we will respect your Data.However, please be kindly advised thatwe may be restricted from even acknowledging that we process it in some cases.



How to make a complaint


If you arenot happy with the information provided in this Notice or have concerns about the way in whichwe process your Personal Data you may in the first instance contact us at If you remain dissatisfied then you may raise your concern with the Information Commissioner. The ICO can be contacted at:


Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF