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It is widely accepted that Brexit has created and will continue to create a lot of uncertainty and issues to European citizens and their families that already live and work, or are looking to obtain their legal rights of permanent residency in the UK.

We are here to guide you and support you with matters such as: the procedure to apply for pre/settled status, UK citizenship, permission of residency, work permit, even obtainment of VISA  in reasonable prices.

Our company is appropriately equipped with the necessary insights of the legal landscape for all these pivotal matters and we have already worked for thousands of our citizens.

You can rely on our reliable and inventive legal services for any kind of Visa to work / study or live in the UK.



For people from Latin America countries who either want to come and live here or they are already in Britain, we provide legal assistance for all types of applications (ie for social benefits, PoA , Authorisation letters – certifications etc) and Visas.
We speak Portuguese & Spanish.

We choose to cooperate only with experienced professionals who are fully aware of the ‘secrets’ for every specific application in order to achieve your goals.


Please contact us at info@status-london.comand get to know more about your specific issue. You can be sure that we provide you with safety, punctuality and sensitivity.