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It is well known that London is one of the biggest and most expensive property markets worldwide. The complexity of the English Common law (Property Law) system combined with the striking increase of investments in the area, indicate the need for legal consultation by experts. However, it should be noted, that over the last few years, smaller and bigger investors also express their interest in investing in properties in Greece.


STATUSLONDON, with offices both in London and Athens, is a regulated company (SRA ID 667396) and offers a wide range of services with respect to purchasing and renting properties in the UK and Greece. Our services include the research and thorough review of property dealing contracts or tenancy agreements as well as the conflict resolution between landlords and tenants (non-Payments, Deposit Disputes, Property Damage etc.).


Please contact us ( and trust one of the expert legal consultants of STATUSLONDON in order to ensure that your recent investment or any other problem you may have, will be dealt with by the right persons.